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Maragon Ruimsig World Book Day

Great fun was had by Maragon Ruimsig High School whilst celebrating World Book Day, or also known as the International Day of the Book. The day was organised by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright. It is traditionally held on Shakespeare’s birthday every year, and has been going since 1995. The High School uses it as a charitable drive where students and staff dress up as their favourite literary character, and as ‘payment’ for their opportunity to wear their costume they donate a book. These books are then given to a charity chosen by the English Department. This...

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Maragon Ruimsig High School TPA

Over the Easter weekend a group of six Maragon Ruimsig High School TPA members went to the Wolkberg conservancy near Haenertzburg to complete their required 48km and 80km journeys. With nothing but their bags on their backs and absolutely no WiFi, they set off in probably one of the most beautiful areas of our country. The hike took them through plantations, up to Iron Cross (the highest point in Limpopo), down deep valleys to the most amazing waterfalls you can imagine. The students were blessed with beautiful weather and were able to complete the Silver journey successfully. The Gold...

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Gedagte vir die week

First Change Your Thinking

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. – Colossians 3:1

I hear people say, “I never get any breaks. Nothing good ever happens to me. I knew I was’nt going to get that promotion. ”Unfortunately, they get exactly what they expect. “But you don’t understand,” you may be saying. “My health is going downhill,” or “My marriage is not what it should be,” or “I’m having so many financial problems.”

Friend, your life is not going to change until you first change your thinking. You may be in negative circum-stances today; you may have unfair things happening to you. But don’t make the mistake of dwelling on those things. You’ve got to get your mind moving in a new, positive direction. Don’t wait to see what kind of day it’s going to be before you decide whether you’re going to be positive. Set your mind now! – Joel Osteen

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