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Hoërskool Florida wiskunde kampioenskappe

Hoërskool Florida leerder, Ethan Kirstein (Gr 9) het op 28 Julie aan die 12de Nasionale Kampioenskappe vir Abakus wiskunde deelgeneem waar hy Gauteng verteenwoording het. Ethan het sy Gauteng kleure in Mei 2018 verwerf. Ethan het ‘n “Champion of Champions” trofee (eerste plek) ontvang en is vir die 9de agtereenvolgende keer gekies om Suid-Afrika te verteenwoording by die Internasionale kompetisie in Malaysia in Desember. Baie geluk,...

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Florries neem deel aan Wiskunde Olimpiade

59 Leerders van Hoërskool Florida het aan die eerste rondte van die Wiskunde Olimpiade deelgeneem het op Woensdag, 15 Maart 2018. Die volgende leerders dring deur na die tweede rondte: Foto bo: Ina-Mari Kloppers – graad 8 Florries is baie trots op julle! Ian Havenga (lings) en Chanté du Plessis (regs) – graad 12 Lourens du Plessis (voor), Riandé Janse van Rensburg (regs agter) en Abigail Sequiera (lings agter) – graad 11 Suné Toerien (lings) en Kristi Lamprechts (regs) – graad 9...

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Gedagte vir die week

Don’t give up

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek His face always. – Psalm 105:4

You may have received a bad report from the doctor.

Maybe you lost  your largest client at work. Perhaps you just found out that your child is in trouble. You may be facing some other serious setback, and you feel as though life has caved in on top of you, knocking you off your feet and pushing you into the pits.

You may be in a situation today where you have done your best. You’ve prayed and believed. You’ve placed your faith firmly on the truth of God’s Word. But it just does’nt look like anything good is happening. Now you’re tempted to say, “What’s the use? It’s never going to change.”

Don’t give up! Keep standing. Keep praying; keep believing; keep hoping in faith. “Don’t cast away your confidence,” the Bible teaches, “for payday is coming” (see Hebrews 10:35).

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